September kicked-off with our annual company-wide planning summit. We took a whole day to dream, vision cast, and plan for the future. It was a good time to pull back from the daily grind and look at the bigger picture. We’re looking forward to sharing the results of our plans with you as they unfold over the coming months.

We took full advantage of the beautifully sunny, autumn day, and finished off the summit with great food and wine.

Authorization Form: Email Invite

We’ve added brand new functionality to the authorization form. You can now use the Bulk Actions tool to send custom authorization emails to customers right from within Rotessa. This tool is great for people who use the the .csv customer upload or QBO/Xero integrations to import their customers. When your customer fills out the form, their profile will automatically be updated in Rotessa. You will receive an email notification letting you know when someone has completed a form so you can go in and start setting up transaction schedules.

When your customer receives the email, it will look something like this:

After they click the link, it will bring them to the authorization form where it will automatically fill in the name and email you’ve provided. All your customer has to do is enter their bank information and agree to the terms and conditions.

Security Update

As a payment company, we understand that security is of utmost importance to our customers and we are committed to above average excellence in this area. We’ve reviewed our security processes and implemented new steps to keep security updated as we move forward. We’ve also hired outside security contractors to check for vulnerabilities and enforced some new beyond-industry-standard backup and security solutions.

Building Update

If you haven’t already heard, Rotessa is getting a new building. If you want to catch the highlights on the progress you can follow along with us on social media (FB, IG, TW) or check out the blog for more photos and updates here.

We’d love to hear from you

If you have any comments or feedback about any of our updates or changes, please let us know at Your input helps us continue to make Rotessa better. Stay tuned next month for more exciting news and updates.