You may have heard the news.

Recently we sat down and did the math on what Rotessa users save monthly by processing payments with us rather than credit cards. We were pretty excited when we learned what the average savings was for our customers. Over $450 a month!

Our team thought it would be fun to come up with a list of four stellar ideas of what your workplace could do with this much savings. (See them below).

But first, you might be wondering: how do Rotessa users save this much over credit cards?

To give a bit of context, Rotessa charges a monthly fee for businesses processing less than 250 payments and a per-transaction fee for business processing 250 payments or more. There are absolutely no percentage fees — unlike credit cards.

Credit card companies usually take between 2 and 3 percent per transaction as a processing fee. With Rotessa you’ll pay $9-$69 a month or 25 cents per transaction.

For a comparison example; let’s say you send a client a one thousand dollar invoice. If that invoice payment was processed with a credit card, it would likely have a $29 fee attached. With Rotessa you could pay as low as 25 cents for the exact same transaction.

Curious what your savings could be? We actually have a savings calculator that will tell you just that! But without further ado, here’s a list of four ideas of what your workplace could do with its Rotessa savings.

1. Buy an exotic office pet

Every workplace needs a good office pet, right? Cats and dogs are both very good options, but your workplace is sure to stand out if it purchased a more exotic animal. Our suggestion? An alpaca!

2. Hire a full-time coffee barista

Everybody loves coffee, but not everyone loves making it. The solution? Hire a full-time coffee barista! This idea is guaranteed to be convenient and delicious.

3. Book a rock band for your lunch break

After a long morning of hard work, lunch is a great time to sit back, relax and have fun. What could make lunch an even more enjoyable experience? Live rock music!

4. Build a three-hole golf course behind the office

And last but not least, perhaps the most ambitious idea: the construction of a three-hole golf course. Not only would this idea greatly improve your office’s window view, it could even increase sales! After all, more time on the fairway means more pitch time to clients, right?

There you have it! Our four stellar ideas of what your workplace could do with its Rotessa savings.

Are you sharing in the Rotessa savings? If not, sign up for free and see if our payment platform is right for you!