2019 was a huge year for Rotessa; we want to celebrate all our wins and look forward to the year ahead.

At the very start of 2019, we hired two valuable employees: Matthew and Allison. Allison was our first dedicated Customer Success Representative while Matthew took on the role of Creative Director.

With Matthew’s help, we launched a lot of new and exciting projects: our Instagram account, a new website, some educational videos and our Pursue your passions, not your payments video series.

We hired our Jr. Developer, Lauren, around the same time the Winnipeg Free Press gave us a half-page feature. A growing team and growing awareness of our business is a huge win in our books!

To celebrate – because we love any excuse to have a party – we had maybe one or two parties involving a BBQ and steak.

In August, the team got to see the early stages of our new office building. A growing team requires a new office and a strategy for the months ahead.

To dream and plan our next steps, we had our second annual Rotessa Summit in downtown Winnipeg. A highlight was learning from industry leaders like Jay – cofounder of Bold Commerce.

In the fall of 2019, Matthew and Cody attended the Signature Awards where Rotessa’s new website was a finalist. The team also attended the Xero Roadshow and Social School in Winnipeg.

By November we had launched the Accountant and Bookkeeper partnership program. We’re excited about this opportunity for both us and our partners.

Laura, our newest Customer Success Representative, has been a natural addition to our team since November.

We were also blown away by the success of our Rotessa Savings Giveaway. We are inspired and excited to share our message in a new, engaging way in 2020.

In December, we hired Lissi – our Communications Coordinator – and celebrated Christmas (twice). Amidst all the celebration we also had to say a tough goodbye to a dear friend.

Allison is going to school and doing missions work overseas in the new year. It was hard to see her go, but we are so excited about Allison’s future and wish her the best in her next adventure.

2019 was a year of steady growth for Rotessa as we have learned better ways to serve and partner with our clients. We’re planning for 2020 to be a big year for our company as we move into our new building and focus on raising awareness of our brand.

Happy New Year from the Rotessa team!