In the first episode of In the Clouds we were introduced to the world of Cloud Accounting.

Cloud accountants and bookkeepers are accounting professionals who have seized the opportunity, offered by cloud-based tech, to work remotely from anywhere, at any time. Many no longer work in an office building, Monday to Friday, from nine to five – making them uniquely prepared for a worldwide pandemic that has kept us all at home.

Things have changed, not only for accountants but for everyone with the worldwide spread of COVID-19. We’ve all been asked to stay home, stay safe, and keep our distance from others as we navigate a new, virtual workplace. So, as you can imagine, this episode is going to look a lot different.

Lissi reached out to four cloud accountants to get their take on our current situation and ask them how accountants and bookkeepers – on the cloud or not – can stay afloat in these uncertain times.

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