The month of September flew by for us at Rotessa. We had our #RotessaSummit, hired a new developer, and have been working on a lot behind the scenes. It’s all in the Rotessa Roundup!

1. Rotessa SummitRotessa Roundup summit

Once a year we have the Rotessa Summit. On Friday, September 25, we set aside the day to celebrate our accomplishments in the past year and, most importantly, look ahead to our goals for the upcoming years of Rotessa.

We shared drinks, ideas, and a few laughs of course.

Rotessa Roundup and Proof

Our friend, Dave Rogenmoser, from Proof gave us a virtual seminar on the growth of his company and he gave us some awesome encouragement. We’re lucky to learn from him and his experience at Y Combinator, building Proof, and focusing on the customer.

A new energy has filled the office and we are so excited to work towards the goals and values we have laid out for ourselves – all in hopes of making Rotessa an even better app for you and your clients.

2. Five Aside: Sarah Thomas of Georgette Packaging

Where better to gain more wisdom than from the experience of entrepreneurs and founders, all with just five simple questions.

With our latest video project, Five Aside, we’re reaching out to these experts to hear their stories and share them with you!

This episode is with Sarah Thomas of Georgette Packaging. They are a carbon-neutral packaging company in Ontario who work with some of the biggest influencers, restaurants, and coffee shops in North America.

Do you know an entrepreneur or founder who has tips to share? Are you a boss with plenty of experience? Reach out to our team to be a part of the next Five Aside.

3. New team member: Jeff Loewen

Jeff has been a welcomed addition to the development team this month!

He and his wife have moved to Steinbach, Manitoba to join us in building your favourite payments application. He’s been learning the ins-and-outs of Rotessa these last few weeks and already has some great ideas to implement.

A few fun facts from Jeff:

  1. I’ve been to 3 continents.
  2. I like cooking, hiking, and games.
  3. In high school, I was in a band that was featured in the Moose Jaw Herald (a newspaper).

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