Who We Are

Good ideas are often born out of a problem, and the story of Rotessa is no different.

The year was 2003, and founder Greg Lepp was working in the billing department at a local university. He soon discovered that juggling countless cheques, cash, and credit cards for recurring tuition payments was expensive and challenging. Payment collection demanded a huge amount of time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

There had to be a better way to collect payments.

It turned out there was – in the form of bank payments. This payment technology would enable them to debit students automatically, but there was just one issue…

Getting started with bank payments was a complex, frustrating process. Dealing with financial institutions, meeting regulations, passing due diligence, meeting overly-strict criteria, it was a struggle just to be taken seriously by the banks.

Did bank payment have to be limited to big businesses and corporations? Greg made it his mission to answer that question, and Rotessa was born.

Offering an easy way for educational institutions of any size to collect their payments automatically, Rotessa quickly grew beyond the education market. Now, with over 145 million dollars processed, more businesses and organizations use Rotessa every day to collect their recurring payments electronically and automatically.

Featuring a simple-to-understand system and pricing tiers that work for businesses of all sizes, Rotessa continues to change the way you collect automatic bank payments.

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