How to Add a Customer

If you did not have your customer fill out an online form using the Rotessa Permission Form Creator (which automatically adds them to your account), then you will need to add them manually.

Remember, you can only collect payments from your customer’s accounts after you have obtained their authorization.

Here’s how to add a customer profile to your Rotessa account:

On the Customers page in your account, click the blue Add Customer button. In the drop-down menu, select Manually Enter a New Customer.

The required fields are name, authorization type (where you obtained authorization, phone, in-person, or online), routing number, and account number.

The other fields on this page are optional.

Once you have added a customer, they will appear on the Customers page in your account.

How to Edit a Customer

It’s easy to update the information in your customer’s profile (bank information, address, email, phone, etc).

Start by locating the customer on the Customers page, and click the Edit link at the far-right.

Make any changes that are needed, then click Save Customer ​at the bottom of the page.

How to Archive (Delete) a Customer

If you have a customer who is no longer using ACH payments, you can archive that customer and remove them from your customer list. By archiving instead of deleting a customer, you can still access their transaction history for record keeping.

To archive a customer, start by locating the customer on the Customers page, and click the Edit link on the far-right.

In the edit screen, click the arrow next to their name at the top. 

In the drop-down menu, click Archive Customer

This will delete all future transactions, and will not allow you to schedule new transactions.