Daycare Payments Simplified


Rotessa makes it easy for daycares  to collect recurring payments automatically. Simply schedule and withdraw payments directly from your customers bank account when their payments are due.


Cheaper than credit cards

Save up to 90% over credit cards. Pay a flat rate per transaction as little as  .25 cents.

Get paid faster than checks

You’lll get paid 3X faster than checks.

Work less

Never chase another payment. Focus on your business, not running after  late payments.

Delight your customers

Your customers will love the convenience of automated payments.

How many transactions do you process each month?

Average transaction amount?

Rotessa Fees

Credit Card Fees *2.9%

Each Month You'll Save

Rotessa accounts are free and easy to set up. If you sign up now, we’ll give let you process your first 25 transactions FREE!

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Thornhill Daycare
“Since starting to use Rotessa to process our monthly tuition fees, our time spent on deposits and photocopying cheques has been reduced drastically. The process of setting up a recurring (and even one time) transaction is so easy and frees up so much time to spend doing other administration tasks. I highly recommend Rotessa. I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of processing cheques.”

– Lisa Biricz

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