Import customers and invoices from QuickBooks to automatically debit your customers bank account when their payment is due.

Make Your Payments Even Easier

Rotessa allows you to import your QuickBooks Online customers and transactions, and automatically debit their bank account based on their invoice totals and due dates.

3-Step Setup

Import your customers from QuickBooks Online, add their account informaiton, then import their transactions. After the payment has been settled to your account, you can report the payments back to QuickBooks Online with a click.

We have been using Rotessa for years and haven’t looked back. As a business that works on a recurring revenue model, we use Rotessa to automate all of our collections. Good service, a trustworthy team, fair pricing and an easy to use product. What more can you ask for?

Ryan Lazanis

CPA, CA, Xen Accounting

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