How to View Settlement Reports​

A settlement report will reflect the amount of money Rotessa sends you based on approved transactions.

Settlements are processed within 5 business days of the process date (allowing enough time for declines to be reported).

You can click into each report to reconcile each transaction amount to update your accounting records.​

View all your settlement reports by clicking Settlements in the top-menu.


How to View Transaction Reports

A transaction report displays all your transactions and statuses within a date range. You can view your transaction reports by clicking Transactions in the top-menu. Input the date range and click Search.

The status of your transactions are as follows

Future Transactions – These are scheduled but have not been sent for processing. You may add, update, or delete transactions up until two business days prior to the process day.

Pending Transactions – Every transaction is pending from the time they are sent in for processing (one business day before the process date) to four business days after the process date.  Pending transactions can’t be recalled or edited.

Approved Transactions  These have been sent for processing and have been cleared.  It typically takes 3-5 days for transactions to be cleared based on the settlement process. Bank payments do not have instant verification of funds available.

Declined Transactions – Transactions that have been sent for processing and have been declined.

Chargebacks – ​A chargeback occurs when funds have been settled to your account after which it is discovered that the funds have been declined. Rotessa will then debit your account or adjust the next settlement to reconcile.

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