Students & Parents

In partnership with participating colleges & universities in Canada, Rotessa provides a simple and affordable way for you to split your tuition into manageable payments throughout your current academic term.

Rotessa payment plans provide a sensible solution to help you out when you need a little flexibility. Our payment program allows you to pay for current academic term expenses out of monthly income and savings.

​Perhaps you earn money while you study, waiting on funds from another source, or have help from family, a payment plan is the difference between accomplishing your dream, or putting it off for another year. Go ahead, follow your dreams!


  • Because we offer payment plans and not loans, you will only be charged a one time nominal fee for the convenience of a payment plan.
  • We never charge interest and the cost is much less than a loan.


  • It typically takes a variety of payment solutions to pay for education. Enjoy the option of using available income throughout your semester to fund your education.


  • Never worry about forgetting a payment. Automatic withdrawals make each payment a breeze.
  • Forget about long line ups at the business office, Rotessa payment plans are available online.
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