If you are having trouble sending the approved payment from Rotessa to Xero there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot before reaching out to support@rotessa.com.

Reconnect your account

In your Rotessa account, select the Admin tab.

Select Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Select Unlink Account. A green notification at the top of the screen will notify you that your account has been unlinked.

Select Xero to reconnect your account.

Sign in with your Xero account information.

Select Connect, in the bottom right corner, to authorize the connection.

Check transactions

For a settlement payment to be applied in Xero, the transaction must be initially created through the integration.

If the transaction was created manually in Rotessa it will not have an invoice in Xero to connect to.

Look at the transactions in the Settlement Report to see if they were created through the integration.

In the comment field there will be an auto-generated comment with the invoice number if it was created through the integration.

Note that the Report to Xero option will be displayed even if the transactions were made manually.

Check the Contact Name and/or custom identifier

The Rotessa Custom Identifier needs to match the Contact Name in Xero.