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At Provincial Credit Union, we’re in business for your business. Whether you’re in the service industry or running a family business, we have the solutions for you. From Group RRSPs and payroll services to commercial loans and mortgages, we are committed to responding to your business needs quickly and effectively.

Rotessa has partnered with Provincial Credit Union to bring you an easier way to accept pre-authorized payments.
Rotessa is a Canadian pre-authorized debit processor for small businesses. Signing up for Rotessa’s online software allows a business to withdraw payments directly from their customer’s bank account.

Businesses save time and money over traditional payment processes, like cheques or credit cards, with Rotessa’s affordable and easy-to-use workflow. Rotessa’s pricing model is based on a fixed, monthly fee — no per-payment percentage fees and no hidden fees.

Rotessa integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Zapier’s ecosystem for dynamic connection to over 5,000 online apps.

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