Collect recurring payments with simple bank transfers.

A bank payment is a pre-authorized money transfer from your customers bank account to yours. Think of it like an electronic check  except easier and automated.  Bank payments are often called ACH debits, pre-authorized debits, or automatic withdrawals. Bank payments are the easy, cost effective way for your business to get paid.

How Bank Payments Work

3 reasons why bank payments give you an advantage

You control your payments. Instead of waiting for your customers to pay, you can withdraw money directly from their bank account.

Save money! Pay as little as $0.25 per transaction, instead of 2-3% in fees like you do with credit cards fees.

Automate your payment collection and make it easy on your customers. Create payment schedules in advance and never chase another payment.

Your company’s information

Payment details

Bank account information

Step 1

Start by setting up a payment agreement with your customers – banking regulations require it! Rotessa makes it a snap to collect permission – create a  custom paper or online payment form in a few minutes. 

Your customers information

Terms and conditions


Step 2

Create a transaction schedule in Rotessa (if they complete the Rotessa online agreement, this is already done for you!)

Step 3

On the scheduled dates, Rotessa will withdraw money from your customers bank account based on your  payment instructions.

Step 4

Within 5 business days (to allow time for payments to clear), ​Rotessa will deposit a settlement straight to your account with your approved transactions.

Run a Transaction Report to see an easy-to-read record of your payments!

Pre-authorized bank payments are scheduled in advance and  do not get approved instantly. Just like checks, it takes 2-3 business days for each payment to clear.  Because of this delay, bank payments work best if you have an ongoing relationship with your customer. If you’re looking for a payment solution for point of sale, ecommerce, money transfer or retail, bank payments are probably not the best fit for you.

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