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An ACH form is an agreement that outlines payment terms between you and your customers for ACH payments. We offer a free tool to download your own blank ACH form template pdf.

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ACH Authorization FAQs

An ACH authorization form is a legal form that outlines the payment terms between a payor and a payee. It is a requirement for collecting payments over the ACH network.

To collect payments directly from a customer’s bank account over the ACH network, you need permission from your customers. A properly formatted ACH authorization form is the way to gain this permission.

ACH authorization can be collected online as well as on paper (and even over the phone). There are specific requirements for online ACH authorization. Most businesses that facilitate ACH payments online use a third-party payment provider like Rotessa.

Upon downloading your ACH authorization form, give the form to your customer to fill out. Once your customer has filled out all of the necessary fields this form can be used to automate payments in the ACH network. You can access the ACH network from your bank or a third party ACH provider like Rotessa.

Yes. If a customer gives you notification that they want to cancel an ACH authorization their request must be honored. This is according to federal ACH regulations.

An ACH authorization form requires the following elements:
1) Your contact information
2) Payor’s name
3) Payor’s bank account number
4) Payor’s bank routing number
5) Amount and timing (for recurring and one-time payments)
6) Authorization statement
7) Cancelation details
8) Date of agreement and signature (if a physical paper form)
9) Indication of checking or savings account
This ACH form template has all of these requirements.

No, this authorization form can only be used for debiting payments through the ACH network.

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