Accountants and bookkeepers

Accountants and Rotessa are a match made in heaven. Fully electronic authorization forms make collecting paperless transactions a breeze. An open API and Zapier integration make it easy to connect with some of the most popular accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho, FreshBooks, and many more.

“Rotessa allows us to spend more time helping clients and less time chasing payments. By having clients on monthly payments the cash flow is easier for our clients, better for us and saves both sides time and energy.”

Allison Hawkins  |

Fitness Centers

Managing gym memberships has never been easier. Gym owners simply onboard their clients on signup, set up their ongoing payments, and Rotessa takes care of the rest. Variable customer authorization forms allow flexibility for year-over-year membership payment increases, meaning your customer doesn’t have to fill out multiple forms.

“It was very simple to sign up and get approved and it made accepting transactions very easy from the start.”

Dino Camire  |

Property and building management

With such high transaction value, pre-authorized debits are the only reasonable payment solution for property managers, landlords and coworking spaces. Flexible scheduling allows for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly transactions to be set up in advance. Not locked into a term? Set the installments to indefinite and don’t worry about it until your customer ends their lease. Rotessa also facilitates one time payments for one-off fees.

“What I love the most, is that we never have to talk about money, we never have to talk about billing, we only ever talk about value and relationships.”

Alex Putici  |

Daycares and pre-schools

Parents will love the convenience of pre-authorized debits, as they will no longer need to worry about making their payments on time. Collecting cheques is an administrative headache, and credit card payments are too expensive. Daycares save time and money by using Rotessa to collect payments.

“After two years of taking post-dated cheques, we gave Rotessa a try and it was much easier. It saves me a ton of time. I don’t have to chase families for cheques”

Kristy Penner
Blumenort Christian Preschool

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies that invoice or set up monthly retainers work great with Rotessa’s one-time or recurring payment options. A smooth, reliable payment workflow is critical to an agency’s financial stability and client relationships. Rotessa is simple, dependable and saves time and payment frustration.

“Rotessa has been a great solution that allows us to collect unlimited recurring payments for a very low monthly fee. I’d highly recommend Rotessa for any businesses that bill on a recurring basis.”

Jacob Kettner  |


The recurring pricing model of security packages makes it a natural fit for pre-authorized debits. Rotessa loves working with security and alarm companies, both large and small. Our open API allows large processors to integrate their subscriptions directly into their platform.

“The Rotessa service is very efficient for our business. The customer service is quick and reliable to answer any questions we have. We are very happy with Rotessa in all aspects.”

Joseph Craig  |

Non-profit organizations

Rotessa values the important work that charities provide for our society, and as such we seek to work to reduce their administrative fees. For charities collecting donations, Rotessa will waive the NSF fee on transactions. Feel free to reach out to us about how we can help make payment processing for your organizations as easy and stress free as possible.

“Great business that makes life easy for us at Providence University College… no hassles and low costs. Super user friendly as well!”

Andrew Kampen  |

No setup fees, minimum fees or cancellation fees

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