“I often talk to business owners who just want a simple, easy-to-use way to get paid without all the hassle, and without having to pay an arm and a leg to do it.”

The Pitfalls Of Checks

Most businesses in Canada and the US still accept checks. I guess people are just stuck in their ways. The idea with checks is that they are free to accept, the person sending the check had to pay for it right? Wrong. This mindset doesn’t take into account the administrative cost associated with dealing with those checks. Some companies are literally accepting hundreds if not thousands of checks per month. Someone has to go through all of those and make sure they’re correct, then they have to manually input them into some sort of database.

Afterwards, someone either has to take all those checks to the bank to get deposited, or e-deposit them one at a time. I’m not even gonna talk about the time wasted following up on bounced or lost checks. For some companies this is nearly a full time job for somebody. Even at minimum wage, that is thousands of dollars a year spent on payment collection.

The Cost Of Cards

Ok so maybe you’re thinking, I don’t use checks, everyone pays me via credit card. This is nearly as bad as checks. Third party processors who facilitate payments through credit cards usually charge 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Even on a payment as low as $100, it’s costing you over three dollars per transaction.

There is still a cheaper and easier way.

Payment Paradise

The answer that our founder Greg found all those years ago was the (surprisingly) unknown area of online bank payments, sometimes known as pre-authorized debits or ACH debits. This is a direct debit from your customers bank account into your own. Similar to a check but all done electronically (and way more cost effective).

ACH Debits let you collect recurring payments with ease. All you have to do is create an ACH debit agreement for your customers to sign which gives you permission to take money from their account. In Rotessa when customers do this electronically, their customer profile is created in your client dashboard and the payment is automatically scheduled. All you have to do is wait for the money to come into your account.

It is literally that easy.

Accounts With Rotessa Are Free

You don’t even need to pay to have a Rotessa account, you just pay if you process payments. Unlike other subscription payment structures, you aren’t locked into one price either. You only pay based on the volume of transactions. Most medium to large sized businesses in Rotessa are able to pay as low as $0.25 per transaction.

Companies who use Rotessa have celebrated savings in the thousands. I’ll let you do the math on your business. But don’t take my word for it. Start your free Rotessa account today and start saving money. We’ll even let you process your first 25 transactions for free.