Our logo

Use the full colour navy logo over a white or light coloured background.

Use the reversed white logo for use against dark coloured backgrounds.

Ensure the logo is displayed with ample room (or padding) around its edges withoutobstruction. Use the sizing of the ‘r’ icon as a reference to achieve appropriate padding.

Do not alter the proportions of the logo in any way

Do not change the color fill of the logo

Do not place the logo on a busy or distracting background

If possible, please link logo usage to rotessa.com

Our colors


Our product description

This is how we describe our software:

Rotessa allows you to withdraw money directly from your customer’s bank account when their payments are due. Schedule one-time or recurring payments with Rotessa to get paid on time.

When describing our product with text or imagery, please

do indicate that our software is an ACH payment solution (for the US) and an EFT or PAD payment solution (for Canada)

do not indicate that our software is an e-check, credit card, debit card, e-transfer or credit payment solution

Any questions?

For more information about the Rotessa brand guidelines please email our creative director [email protected]