New feature coming soon

At Rotessa, we want to make getting paid as easy as possible. 

Collecting authorizations for Pre-authorized Debits has always been the main barrier to getting started collecting bank payments. We’ve learned that it’s best to set up an open authorization agreement with your customers because it gives you the flexibility to take both variable and recurring payments.

Our current authorization requests require manual editing and still appear generic to your customers.

Introducing Auto Pay: the personalized, ready-made form, to send directly to your customers to quickly start collecting payments. 

Think of Auto Pay as the new open authorization form for your customers. When your customer signs up for Auto Pay, you have permission to debit their account for all future payments. This allows you to collect payments for variable, sporadic, or fixed amounts without having to get unique authorization every time

Simply, add a customer to Rotessa, either manually, or through your accounting software and send them an invite to Auto Pay. 

Once the customer enters their bank details and agrees to the terms and conditions, their information will be updated in Rotessa and the Auto Pay status will be displayed.

We want the update to be smooth, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions and keep an eye out for upcoming support documents for Auto Pay.