QuickBooks Online or Xero users who want to automate their workflow, simplify receivables, and get paid on time need Rotessa and Auto Sync.

Our integrations’ latest update, automatically imports and updates your customers’ invoices when you switch on Auto Sync. Rotessa then detects the outstanding invoices from your cloud accounting software and withdraws funds from your customers’ bank accounts based on invoice due dates.

Using Auto Sync

To use Auto Sync and update your customers’ invoices from your QuickBooks Online or Xero account, you must first connect your customers with our integration.

Once you have sent and received their Authorization Requests, or input their bank information, you are ready to enable Auto Sync.

First, in your QuickBooks Online or Xero account, create new invoices for the present day or future for the customers you have connected to Rotessa. Select Save.

Secondly, in your Rotessa account, go to your Customers page. Find the customer for whom you wish to enable Auto Sync, select the ellipses, and Turn Auto Sync On.

Now, beside the customer’s QBO badge, you will see Auto Synced.

Auto Synced customers’ invoices automatically update and import into Rotessa twice per hour, on the 10 and 40 of that hour. (For example, 10:10 am and 10:40 am)

To manually override the 10/40 schedule, and see the scheduled payments, select Import Invoices.

The ability to automate your invoices and receivables will completely change and simplify your workflow.

Want a one-on-one walkthrough of Auto Sync and our integration with QuickBooks Online or Xero? Schedule a demo or send our support team an email.