Since 2016 Cloud Bookkeeping Services has used Rotessa to collect payments.

“We adopted the cloud about six years ago,” says Tanya, a member of the Rotessa Partnership Program. “We were one of the first 50 in Canada.”

Being on the cloud didn’t mean not working as a team for Cloud Bookkeeping Services. “We chose to work together even though we had the ability to work remote.”

Working through a pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Canada, Tanya and the team have opted to work from home. Tanya admits there has been a little strain in communication since disbanding and working from home, but the tools they were already using has made for an easy-enough transition.

Tanya has now begun to work seven days a week and is taking a proactive approach to her clients’ questions about government funding in light of COVID-19. With every new announcement from the government about COVID-19 stimulus money, Tanya posts a summary on social media. She says, “I didn’t do it in week one and I got inundated with questions after the Prime Minister’s first announcements.”

“I think that if I can control the information to the clients, then I can control the clients having to contact me. It’s working really well.”

Tanya also focuses on strategy with her clients. “I try to reach four or five clients a day to try and figure out who qualifies for what.”

For her clients who are non-essential services she says, “I help them focus on thinking outside of the box,” so they can continue to operate in a remote world.

Because of Tanya and her team’s incredible work ethic and customer service, Cloud Bookkeeping Services has not lost a single client.

“I’ve actually upsold a few people because they have seen the value we are providing because we are able to go that extra mile.”

By looking after her clients’ success, Tanya is able to look after her team and business.

A learning curve

Accountants and bookkeepers who were not already working at home didn’t have much time to learn the cloud-based ropes. “There has been a steep learning curve,” Tanya says.

“For those of us who adopted the cloud earlier, we’ve been having an easy time through this and then there are still many other people that are still working in physical offices.”

Firms who don’t have options for working virtually on taxes are struggling. Tanya says, “I think we’re going to see a lot of people adopting cloud technology after this.”

Cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting tools – like Rotessa – give the flexibility of working from home which, Tanya says, will probably stick around even if we go back to “normal life”.


Tanya provides resources for bookkeepers with her program: Bookkeeper’s Bootcamp and on Facebook. She also hosts live discussions on her Bookkeeper’s Corner Facebook group on Friday afternoons (which we were very honoured to be a part of one week)!


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“We have to get the message out there,” Tanya says.

“If we just switch our mindset and focus on customer service and our client, that will help so many people. It’s really important for the bookkeeping industry.”

At Rotessa, we know that your practice is all about client success. That’s why our partnership program offers added value for accountants and bookkeepers.

With the program, you can expand your reach with unique promotional opportunities, offer discounted pricing to clients and receive top tier support and feedback from Rotessa.

Schedule a demo with Cody or reach out with your questions to our support team.

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