Tom Nickalls didn’t plan to build an online HR consulting firm. He’ll tell you it’s a long way from the job he once had in sandpaper distribution. Tom founded Castle HR to solve a problem and to use his entrepreneurial passion to help other businesses. 

Two things happened. First, Tom had the misfortune of being let go from a successful tech career, building sales teams. “It was a brutal experience,” describes Tom, “If you had a checklist of all the things you could do wrong, they hit all the notes.” 

Second, to figure out what to do next, Tom spoke with his software and tech company contacts. He saw a common theme, “I found out that none of them know what to do with HR,” he explains, “We all white knuckle it until we get to some magical number that we think we should hire an HR person and we have no idea what we need.” 

This was the beginning of Castle HR in 2019. Today, Tom’s team provides services to SMBs from coast to coast. His staff are all senior HR professionals with at least 10 years of experience. Their clients are growing businesses with 15 or more employees.

Tom and the Castle HR Team

“It’s an exciting time for businesses, let’s scale this and make this something bigger,” explains Tom, “It becomes no longer a focus on revenue and product, it’s how to build the best team, that’s where we come in.” Castle HR implements processes and teaches clients how to scale their business, from tech stack reviews to talent acquisition strategies. 

The expertise Castle HR offers is working, “Clients that stay with us for two years, on average, grow by 68% in that time,” says Tom, “Year one is kind of building it out and year two is about really refining it and executing and making sure it’s working.” Eventually clients do outgrow Castle HR,“ We hand the keys to the car over when they get to the point that they need to hire someone full-time.”

Castle HR provides its services for a monthly subscription fee. They have used Rotessa to collect client payments from the beginning. Using Xero to automate invoices, Tom also wanted to find a way to automate payment collection. His search led him to pre-authorized debit services with Rotessa. 

“Hands down this is the best money every single month that Castle spends, period, end of story,” says Tom, “It’s fantastic because I have zero time spent on account receivables.”

Rotessa’s reliability and ease of use allow Tom and his team to focus on what matters: facilitating the growth and success of clients.

“I’ve never had to call customer service, I’ve never had to complain, I’ve never had a problem with anything. It’s fantastic.”  

From its start to now as an SMB leader in HR consulting, Castle HR stays focused on helping businesses. Rotessa helps make things smoother behind the scenes and leaves more time for what matters. Castle HR’s commitment to its clients promises continued excellence in shaping the HR consulting game and scaling success for businesses.

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