If you can believe it, there was a time when Google did not exist. That’s how long Phillip Caines, co-founder of 1UP Digital Marketing, has been using and mastering the internet.

“I was always interested in the internet,” Phil says. He decoded how these early search engines ranked websites and made websites until he got to the top.

Phil’s first top-ranked website may surprise you: “For a time, I had the number one internet listing for Britney Spears of all things!

That expertise translates into his work today and the competitive space of digital marketing.

Relationships and results

Phil Caines and his team are experts in digital marketing but come to each job with the intention of supplementing and strengthening an organization’s marketing needs – not completely taking over.

Since 2013, Phil says, “We, from the very beginning, wanted to be a partner that could be integrated into a marketing department and help take their digital to the next level and actually deliver.”

“Not just deliver reports, but actually deliver results.”

Being so results-driven has attributed to their strong relationships with their clients.

“We don’t have contracts or lock anybody in,” says Phil. “We just want to build relationships, build results, and that’s been serving us really well for the last seven years.”

Another one of 1Up’s strengths is being able to keep up with the rapidly changing internet. Phil says the biggest change, that’s affected how they do business, is the migration to mobile.

“People are now glued to their mobile devices,” he says. “The days of having a full computer in front of you for casual browsing are gone.”

The tight-knit team of 5 works one-on-one with their clients to ensure their strategy and content – no matter where it will be viewed – is going to produce results.

“We strive to have a very diverse skill set in each of our account managers. They are not just relationship-focused, but also technically-focused.”

“Cutting through the clutter,” creates efficient communication within 1UP but – most importantly – also the client.

1Up Digital Marketing and Rotessa

Since 2015 Rotessa has helped 1UP Digital Marketing continue to focus on integration, building relationships, and results.

We definitely saw the value of the service right away,” says Phil.

Neither credit card processors, who were charging too much, and traditional methods of checks fit 1Up’s needs.

“To have an almost ‘set it and forget it’ system that works well with our clients, Rotessa is definitely something that is filling that void.”

Sustainable results and practices

1Up’s next project is to go green. “We’ve recently worked out our sustainability policy and have tried to engrain it in every aspect of our business.”

Before working remotely was the norm, the team was all commuting in creative and carbon-friendly ways like public transport, walking, or biking.

By also partnering with other companies that have similar goals and takes sustainability seriously, Phil says, “We hope to further the goals of organizations that are trying to do good and really help them get to the next level.”

To learn more about 1Up Digital Marketing, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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