At Simplify Professional Corporation or Simplify Accounting, my firm is all about improving efficiencies and the customer experience with cloud-based technology.

Rotessa is one of the applications that my firm uses on a regular basis that does exactly that: it improves efficiencies in that customer experience. It’s a payment solution provider. They use a pre-authorized debit to provide those payment solutions and they integrate with online accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online and Xero.

So how it works is you, essentially, send a link to your customer, they fill in their details, and then whenever you invoice them out of your accounting platforms like Xero or QuickBooks Online, then according to the payment terms of that invoice, you’ll get paid when the invoice is due.

It’s important to have a discussion with your customer, when they set up that payment process, that when you send that invoice that that’s how it works so that they can ensure they have enough cash in the bank account to make that payment. You can work with them on payment terms if there’s a cash flow crunch for them, but typically, they’ll be able to pay you on those terms, depending on your customers.

It just makes it so much easier for both them as a customer and for your company.

You’re not chasing down payments. They’re not trying to figure out the best way to pay you. They’re not calling you up with their credit card information. They’re not sending you a check. It’s just a really simple payment solution service.

The cool thing about Rotessa is that they’re Canadian. They’re based in Steinbach, Manitoba, Western Canada. A local Canadian tech company!

I use it regularly with my firm and it works really well if you got rental properties, a daycare, professional services, branding, or social media type companies. Anytime you have recurring invoices to the same customers, it works extremely well.

I am an accounting partner with Rotessa, which means that my firm and my clients get a discount on their subscription fees. So if you’re looking to improve some efficiencies within your company, and if you’re looking at maybe what are good payment solutions out there, this is a great solution for that.

I’d be happy to have a discussion on your accounting needs or taxes. Maybe you’re looking for a monthly fixed price plan that gives you everything that you need to resolve some of the headaches that you have – because I know that there can be a lot of headaches with bookkeeping and accounting.

That’s why I started my firm: to resolve those headaches and to make it easier for you as a business owner.

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