Rentch Real Estate and Property Management has been using its extensive experience in real estate to bridge the gap between property owners and renters since 2015. Specializing in Calgary’s inner city, Rentch uniquely approaches rental management, involving owners in every step of the process. 

“We are a tech-enabled property management company,” says founder, Aaron Weinstein, “We’ve created a new way to think through rental management.”

Rotessa Roundup May 2023

Rentch uses technology to support property owners and the people who rent their space in a 24/7 environment. They provide landlords with the tools they need to professionally manage their properties. While large, traditional property management companies use paper applications and post-dated cheques, Rentch uses online services to streamline processes. 

For Rentch, streamlining means not spending time tracking down rent payments. That’s where Rotessa comes in.

“Rotessa was a huge saviour for us,” explains Aaron, “Super simple. We set their rent, we set 12 payments for a year, rent is taken care of.” 

Learn more about Rentch and how Rotessa helps them in our latest customer video above.

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