In your Rotessa account, select the Integrations tab.

Select Import Invoices.

Rotessa will pull in any outstanding invoices that are in your Xero account. Any invoices with a due date before the present day will be processed the next possible day.

An invoice will not be available for import if the customer’s Custom Identifier in Rotessa does not match the Contact Name in Xero. Edit the customer names in Rotessa as required.

Choose the invoices you’d like to import and select Import Selected Invoices.

When the transactions are imported.

On the Customers page of your Rotessa account, each of your new customers will have one scheduled transaction.

Run a transaction report in Rotessa to see the status of the transactions. Their statuses will update as your transactions are Sent to Bank, Processed, Approved, or Declined.

*Note: once an invoice has been scheduled in Rotessa it will not automatically be updated to match any changes to the invoice in your accounting software. Please, delete the transaction and re-import the invoice.