We’re dedicated to making your payment experience even better! That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce two exciting new notification features that will improve the user experience for you and your customers. 

Payment reminders

Now, you can send email notifications to remind your customers of their upcoming payments. When enabled in your account settings, a reminder email will automatically be sent to your customers three days before their payment date. This will help them remember to have funds available in their account. It also helps avoid NSF (non-sufficient funds) charges, reducing administrative work for you. 

Payment receipts 

You can now provide email receipts for your customers’ payments. When enabled in your account settings, a payment receipt will automatically be emailed to your customers on the same day as your settlement. Receipts are a great way to provide your customers with payment confirmation and a transaction record. Payment receipts are only sent out to customers with approved transactions. 

Choose who gets payment reminders and receipts

You can enable payment reminders and receipts for all your customers, new customers, or only for the ones you choose. We also understand that not all customers may want to receive notifications. That’s why we’ve included an option for them to unsubscribe. We want to ensure that your customers have the flexibility to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Learn more and start sending payment reminders and payment receipts today! 


Note: These features are best suited for users who solely use Rotessa for their workflow. If you are integrating Rotessa with another software, these features are likely not for you.

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