Georgette Packaging – based in Kitchener, Ontario – creates beautiful, custom, carbon-neutral packaging with a specific focus on serving small food businesses (like cafes, restaurants and bakeries).

For several years, Georgette has used Rotessa to bill their clients. We met up with the folks at Georgette and interviewed co-owner Jennifer who told us what really makes them unique.

Georgette Packaging commits to a sustainable and environment-friendly business model as all of Georgette’s products are carbon neutral! Jennifer explains carbon-neutrality like this:

“We analyze the whole process for making our packaging, figure out how much carbon is being emitted during that process, and we purchase carbon credits to offset that.”

High-quality carbon credits provide funding to either reduce global carbon emissions or for planting trees.

Recently, Jennifer notices an increased interest in carbon neutrality in the food industry. Patrons are beginning to ask restaurants, cafes, and bakeries about their commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. At the forefront of this environmental trend is Georgette Packaging, servicing these responsible, forward-thinking food companies.

Georgette Packaging was founded in 2013 by Sarah Landstreet. Sarah has an extensive background both in engineering and the food industry. In 2021 Sarah decided to sell Georgette. Hoping to keep the business moving forward with the same values and culture, Sarah sold the company internally, to employees Kris and Jennifer.

Today, Kris and Jennifer run Georgette Packaging together with their growing team. Learn more about Georgette Packaging’s journey and how Rotessa has helped in our newest customer film.

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