A better way to collect patient payments

Rotessa allows you to automatically withdraw recurring payments, on the due date, directly from your patients’ bank account using pre-authorized debit.

Pre-authorized debit will reduce the time and fees your practice spends processing payments.

Save time processing payments

Rotessa’s easy-to-use workflow will save you time over traditional payment processes, like cheques or credit cards. With pre-authorized debit, you set up the payment plan once. Rotessa then withdraws payments automatically on the schedule you set.

Measurable Savings

Use the sliders to see how much your business can save over credit card transaction fees

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Average transaction amount

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Monthly SavingsWith Rotessa

Rotessa monthly fee for DentoPLAN members

Credit Card Monthly Fees*

*based on a 2.9% per credit card transaction fee

Simple workflow

With Rotessa you can easily import your current patient list.

Start collecting payments securely and affordably with Rotessa

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