Collect recurring payments directly from your customers bank account.

Cheaper than credit cards. Faster than cheques. Easier than banks.

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Collect Recurring Payments With Ease

Rotessa makes it easy for small businesses to collect ongoing payments from their customers and donors electronically through pre-authorized debits (often know as automatic payments, direct debits, or electronic funds transfers).

Whether you’re a digital agency invoicing clients as work gets done, a church accepting a recurring tithe, or the local fitness centre collecting monthly fees, we’ll help you get paid.  Through our online application, Rotessa makes it easy to schedule a one-time or recurring money transfer from your customers account to yours.

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Get Paid on Time, Every Time

Never wait for another payment. Enjoy consistent cash flow & fewer doubtful accounts when you initiate payments through pre-authorized debits.

Customers Love It

This isn't just about making life better for you. Your customers will love the convenience and ease of automated payments.

Save Money

Why pay 3% in credit card fees? Benefit from flat rate pricing based on your monthly volume. Never pay a percentage.

In 2016, over 500 billion dollars will be processed in Canada through Pre-Authorized Debits. You're in good company.

Benefits & Features

How It Works

1. Permission

Set up a Pre-Authorized Debit agreement with your customer. We can help.

2. Customer Set Up

Enter, import or sync customer bank account details into Rotessa from any device connected to the internet.

3. Transaction Details

Enter, import, or sync a one-time or recurring transaction schedule into Rotessa based your agreement with your customer.

4. WIthdraw Funds

We'll withdraw funds from your customer's bank account based on the amounts and dates entered.

5. Report

Reports are available 24/7 to learn the status of each transaction. Within a week we'll transfer a settlement to your account and provide a detailed statement.

Invoice. Debit. Repeat.

Integrate Rotessa with QuickBooks Online or Xero to automatically collect payments from your customers bank account based on their invoice totals and due dates.

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Since starting to use Rotessa to process our monthly tuition fees, our time spent on processing deposits and photocopying cheques has been reduce drastically. The process of setting up a recurring (and even one time) transaction is so easy and frees up so much time to spend doing other administration tasks. I highly recommend Rotessa. I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of processing cheques.

Head shot of Lisa Biricz from Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten Lisa Biricz, Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten

Handling clients especially when it's time to pay could be very stressful. Payments are late and your bills have a due date. I had to make a change and unload this stress of my mind. Today I call it Rotessa.

Head shot of Attila Fulop, Club Atti2de Attila Fulop, Owner of Club Atti2de

Rotessa has their act together, right now there is nobody more reliable and at the same time able to provide a service that couldn't possibly be any easier to use. Rotessa is the best of both worlds reliability and simplicity of use - seriously this part they have mastered.

Head shot of Ryan Kagan CPA Ryan Kagan, Ryan Kagan CPA

Rotessa allows us to spend more time helping clients and less time chasing payments. By having clients on monthly payments the cash flow is easier for our clients, better for us and saves both sides time and energy.

Head shot of Allison Hawkins, Founding Partner of Hawkins & Co. Accounting Professional Corp. Allison Hawkins, Founding Partner of Hawkins & Co. Accounting Professional Corp.

Rotessa allowed us to quickly and easily start accepting bank payments. This not only saved us money, but improved our business operations. Their service is always fast and complete. We couldn’t recommend Rotessa more highly!

Head shot of Alex Putici, Founder of Work Nicer Corp. Alex Putici, Founder of Work Nicer Corp.

We have used Rotessa for client payments... with great success! The system is easy to use and payments are easy to track. All processes work well and the ability to set up weekly automatic debits has decreased time spent taking payments as well as increased reliability of clients’ attendance.

Head shot of Allie Barnum of Breakthroughs in Learning Allie Barnum, Bookkeeper at Breakthroughs in Learning

When on-boarding new clients, providing a great experience is key. Rotessa allows us to set-up billing in no time - keeping our clients happy by reducing admin and allowing us to focus on providing high quality service rather than worrying about receivables!

Head shot of Josh Zweig, Co-Founder of LiveCA Josh Zweig, Co-Founder of LiveCA

No more post-dated cheques!

Head shot of Kristi Penner, Director of Blumenort Christian Preschool Kristi Penner, Director of Blumenort Christian Preschool

Rotessa makes collection easy.

Head shot of Michael Stock, CFO Michael Stock, CFO


Setting up a Rotessa account is 100% free. No monthly fees. No cancellation fees.
Pricing is based on your monthly transaction volume and rejections.

0 transactions 1 to 5 transactions 6 to 50 transactions 51-100 transactions 101 to 250 transactions 251 to 500 transactions
Free $9/mo $29/mo $49/mo $69/mo $89/mo

Over 500 transactions per month?
18 cents per transaction

$25 for each payment returned NSF, Stopped Payment, or Not According to Agreement.

Here’s what you’ll get with your free Rotessa account:

  • Permission form tool to sign up your customers online for pre-authorized payments
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments for simple collection
  • Create multiple users with various permissions
  • Complete transaction and settlement reporting
  • QuickBooks or Xero integrations
  • API Access

Create a Rotessa Account for Free: Get Started