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Rotessa is North America’s solution for businesses accepting ACH payments and we want to help small business owners understand the complexity of ACH payments simply and effectively.

Whether you have never heard of ACH payments before or you are an ACH pro just looking for a quick refresher, this is your go-to guide. Have a question we haven’t answered yet? Let us know! We want to help you start accepting ACH payments today.

The Ultimate Guide to ACH Payments

We’ll take you through all the details of ACH payments, an electronic fund transfer from one bank to another. Read our small business guide.

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Thankfully, for consumers and clients everywhere, there are ACH rules that regulate the debits and credits that move money from bank to bank via the ACH network.

ACH payments are incredibly reliable and cost-effective, but you may be wondering: how long do ACH payments take? As it turns out, the ACH timeline is only a little longer than that for credit cards.

There will be times when you need to cancel a payment or several payments, and perhaps even terminate an agreement you’ve made with a client or customer. So then, how exactly do you cancel ACH payment agreements?

Small business ACH payments have a number of benefits over plastic and cash. The first benefit is the cost. The average ACH payment costs around $0.29 per transaction — compare this to as much as 2.5%.

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