Helping small business

Many Rotessa customers have been asking for ways to pause, or temporarily cancel scheduled transactions in light of the effects of COVID-19 on small businesses.

Pausing transactions isn’t currently a feature in Rotessa, but we’ve developed a few workarounds for the time being. If none of the solutions below fit your current needs, please reach out to and let us know how we can help.

Cancelling One Time Transactions

Step 1

Run a transaction report and export the information as a CSV file. This will give you a record of which transactions you have cancelled.

Step 2

Delete all scheduled transactions – if you have lots of transactions you can email and we can do this in bulk.

Cancelling Recurring Schedules

This workflow solution is for businesses that are looking to stop/pause payments for all customers, not just a select few.

Step 1

Export all future transaction schedules. This export is a CSV file containing the transaction information of customers who have current/future transactions scheduled in Rotessa.


Step 2

To view the CSV file contents, upload it into a spreadsheet of your choice.

You’ll see the full list of customers who currently have transaction schedules. This includes the total number of installments of the schedule, as well as the installment number which indicates how many installments of that schedule have already been processed.

If there is an empty cell in the total number of installments column, it is likely because this is a one-time transaction or indefinite transaction scheduled for this customer.

The information in this export will allow you to reactivate your customer’s schedules at the spot they left off in bulk using an import tool Rotessa will provide.

Step 3

When you have successfully exported all your future transaction schedules, email a copy to and request that all future scheduled transactions be deleted.

To reactivate your customers’ scheduled transactions, Rotessa will provide a special import tool to help start your customer’s schedules where they left off. You can also manually add transactions for customers at any time.

As a last resort

In the case of last-minute cancellations to a group of transactions that have not yet been processed, you can always archive your entire customer list using the bulk actions tool. Doing this, you will risk having to manually restart all scheduled transactions with no record of how many installments have already been paid.