Declined transactions are to be expected from time to time. This happens for a variety of reasons: A customer’s name or account numbers are incorrect or there are insufficient funds in the account.

We have the full list of reasons why a transaction may be declined in our Support Documents, but we know that different banks use different language for declined transactions.

To simplify things and to encompass all these different ways of describing a reason for a declined transaction, we have made the following changes:


Agreement Terms Not Met: The withdrawal may not be in accordance with a PAD agreement or no agreement exists between the business and the customer. Make sure your customers are giving you permission to debit their accounts, then be sure you are only withdrawing money in accordance with the agreement you have with your customer. If you are, remind your customer of their signed agreement. This includes a fee of $29 per Not According to Agreement decline.

Incorrect Account Information: There is a discrepancy between the customer’s name or account numbers in Rotessa and the bank, or the account information does not exist. Contact your customer to verify their account information.

NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds/Insufficient funds): Insufficient funds in the customer account. Contact your customer to ensure funds will be available, then schedule a one-time payment to make up the missed payment. This includes a fee of $29 per NSF decline.

We encourage you to always reach out to your customers first when declined transactions arise.

If you ever have questions about your transactions – declined or otherwise – reach out to our support team! We’re here to help.