Introducing payment reminders and receipts

We're dedicated to making your payment experience even better! That’s why we're thrilled to introduce two exciting new notification features that will improve the user experience for you and your customers.

Payment reminders

Now, you can send email notifications to remind your customers of their upcoming payments. When enabled in your account settings, a reminder email will automatically be sent to your customers three days before their payment date. This will help them remember to have funds available in their account. It also helps avoid NSF (non-sufficient funds) charges, reducing administrative work for you. 

Payment receipts 

You can now provide email receipts for your customers’ payments. When enabled in your account settings, a payment receipt will automatically be emailed to your customers on the same day as your settlement. Receipts are a great way to provide your customers with payment confirmation and a transaction record. Payment receipts are only sent out to customers with approved transactions. 

Choose who gets payment reminders and receipts

You can enable payment reminders and receipts for all your customers, new customers, or only for the ones you choose. We also understand that not all customers may want to receive notifications. That's why we've included an option for them to unsubscribe. We want to ensure that your customers have the flexibility to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Learn more and start sending payment reminders and payment receipts today! 


Note: These features are best suited for users who solely use Rotessa for their workflow. If you are integrating Rotessa with another software, these features are likely not for you.

Rotessa Rundown | Spring 2024

"Rundown" instead of Roundup? What’s going on?

So glad you asked! At Rotessa, we are constantly trying to improve, including how we communicate with our users. While our monthly newsletters have been a great way to stay connected, we believe that a shift to a quarterly format will allow us to deliver even more valuable and comprehensive content. We want to make sure we are bringing genuine value to your inbox.  

Now back to the question. What better way to kick off our first quarterly newsletter than with a new name?! Welcome to the first quarterly edition of the Rotessa RUNDOWN!

Product update: two new features coming soon!

We're dedicated to making your payment experience even better! That’s why we're excited to announce that we'll soon be introducing two new features that will improve the user experience for both you and your customers: Payment Reminders and Payment Receipts! Watch for more details in your inbox this month.

Did you know?

Rotessa offers live chat support. We're not talking about a robot. A genuine, living, breathing human listens to your questions and provides you with awesome answers.

Monday-Friday, 9 am - 5 pm CT.

User spotlight: meet The Little Campus

Tami and Carl created The Little Campus (fittingly known as "TLC"), a best-in-class educational and childcare facility that goes beyond academics to instill a love for learning. Their commitment to excellence extends to everything they do, including seamless payment management. Rotessa saves them time and makes handling recurring payments a hassle-free experience. Read their story

Payment horror stories

“One time a customer couldn’t pay her invoice because she went on a vacation. She said she would have been able to pay me if she didn’t splurge it all on her out-of-the-country vacation.”

- Shane

Last year we invited our users to share their best payment horror stories (pre-Rotessa of course!). The stories we received were so entertaining that we've decided to make them a regular feature in our newsletter. Have your own payment horror story? Send it to [email protected]. If we publish it, we'll send you Rotessa swag!

Behind the scenes at Rotessa

Meet the two newest members of Rotessa - Dean and Regina! 

As part of the Development team, Dean is putting his skills to work for Rotessa users. 

Three fun facts about Dean:

  1. He kind of likes sushi, especially sashimi.
  2. He does not like working out but still does it anyway.
  3. He is interested in philosophy and likes talking about complex topics.

Regina is a member of the Compliance & Operations team.

Three fun facts about Regina:

  1. She grew up in the beautiful tropical country of Belize
  2. Her happy places include painting, a good book in front of the fireplace, and a fun hike with friends.
  3. She loves trying out new recipes to challenge herself, like marshmallows, bagels, and chicharrones (and only some of them turn into disasters).

Foosball and food

Some of the many things the Rotessa team enjoys together!

Upcoming holiday closures

We will not be processing payments and our support centre will be closed on the following dates:

Good Friday, March 29
Victoria Day, Monday, May 20


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The Little Campus: commitment to excellence

While looking for childcare in Toronto for their young daughter, Carl Mercier and Tami Zuckerman found quality options lacking. They successfully addressed this by establishing The Little Campus, fittingly abbreviated "TLC." 

“We kind of joked at first, that we should open our own [center], haha, and then we did,” says Carl, “We started working on it in 2019, 2018, so it took awhile because we had to find a location, and then construction, so it took a long time.” 

The Little Campus opened in March 2021 as a childhood education and daycare center where quality care, highly trained educators, and specialized programming offer optimal learning and healthy development. They consider it a private school for little kids.

“We are not exclusively focused on academics,” explains Carl, “Making them good people, making them like to learn, love to learn, discover new things, what they are passionate about, and getting them ready to go to kindergarten.”

Carl’s tech entrepreneur background is complimented by Tami's passion for childhood education, supported by her extensive background as an elementary school teacher. 

They see parallels between tech and education, “Ultimately any type of business is people-focused,” states Carl “It’s people management, it’s building culture, it’s building a strong team and making sure everyone is aligned behind the vision, but that’s also what we're doing with our school.” 

It was important to Carl and Tami that their center be the best in town. This commitment to excellence made them seek out a streamlined solution for handling payments, benefiting the parents of their students and TLC.  

“The first thing you do is like, ok credit cards, how much is that going to cost?” questions Carl, “That’s a lot of money every year for a recurring payment. It seemed really expensive.”

They didn’t want to have to pass on credit card fees to parents. 

They also considered pre-authorized debit options through the bank,

“I knew about pre-authorized debits because I’ve actually done it,” explains Carl, “Doing the files, uploading them to the bank, and I know it’s a pain in the neck to do.” 

They wanted a payment processor that didn’t charge a percentage-based fee.

They were referred to Rotessa where they appreciated the reasonable, flat-rate pricing, and integration capabilities with Xero and Rotessa’s API, “Wow, it’s exactly what I want,” states Carl, “It was like check all the boxes for us.” 

Rotessa has optimized their workflow and saved them time.

"It's been great. We can create recurring invoices in Xero, and Rotessa picks it up automatically, bills the customer, reconciles back in Xero, so that's all a huge amount of time saved."

Carl and Tami’s vision has become a center that goes beyond academics to instill a love for learning. Their commitment to excellence has created a best-in-class educational facility as well as streamlined processes like payment management, ensuring a positive experience for their team, the students in their care, and parents.

Rotessa Roundup | December 2023

The December Rotessa Roundup wraps up 2023 and welcomes a new year. See how we celebrated the holiday season, meet a new member of our team, and view our front door greeting to guests and 2024!

1. Holiday season recap

We capped the year off at Rotessa with Secret Santa, a staff celebration, and our annual Christmas video.

Rotessa Roundup Dec 2023

We've already received suggestions for next year's video.

2. Meet John

Rotessa Roundup December 2023

John recently joined our development team at Rotessa. We are excited to have John on board and putting his skills to work for our users.

Three fun facts about John:

1. He has a three-legged cat
2. He loves to hike and forage
3. He is always thinking about cheeseburgers

3. Hello 2024

A huge thank you for your incredible support throughout the past year. Your business means the world to us! We're thrilled to have been part of your journey and are pumped to continue supporting your success in 2024.

Check out our front door's "hello" - it reflects the friendly service you can expect from us every step of the way!

Thank you for choosing Rotessa. Here's to an awesome 2024 together!

Rotessa Roundup Dec 2023

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A Rotessa Carol — 2023 Rotessa Christmas Video

Greg's lack of holiday spirit concerns the employees around him. Will a ghostly encounter revealing his past, present and future Christmas revive Greg's holiday spirit? Watch to find out!

See you in 2024!

Thank you to all of our amazing Rotessa users. Your partnership means so much to all of us. May you have a restful holiday season and a prosperous new year!

New compliance rules for PAD agreements

Please note there are changes to Rule H1 for pre-authorized debits by Payments Canada. These rules apply starting January 1, 2024. 

Here are the changes and what we recommend to comply with them, whether you are using the Rotessa-provided PAD agreement or your own.

In Rotessa, PAD agreement Terms and Conditions can be edited under “Authorization settings”.  Learn more about Terms and Conditions.

New rule: Your use of Rotessa as a payment service provider must be identified on your PAD agreement

How to comply:

In your PAD agreement terms, add a statement that names your third-party processor. 

Example: “You understand our pre-authorized debits are processed by a registered third-party processor, Rotessa Payments.”

New rule: One-time transactions require their own PAD agreement, valid for only that transaction

How to comply:

When scheduling a one-time transaction, state the transaction date and specific amount in your PAD agreement terms.

Example: “You authorize your account to be debited in the amount of $XX on Month/Day/Year.”

Once a one-time transaction is completed, the PAD agreement is no longer valid for future payments. To schedule a subsequent transaction, acquire a new PAD agreement. 

New rule: PAD agreement must identify the event that triggers a pre-authorized withdrawal when not on a set schedule (e.g. payments are sporadic)

How to comply:

In your PAD agreement terms, state the event that triggers a pre-authorized withdrawal. 

Example: You acknowledge that the authorization is to allow the business with whom your agreement is with, to debit funds from your bank/credit union account for monthly payments and/or one-time payments based on outstanding charges that trigger an invoice. 

If a trigger event cannot be specified, use a one-time PAD agreement for each transaction. 

For more information, visit Payments Canada.

Rotessa Roundup | November 2023

The November Rotessa Roundup bursts with exciting updates! We're standardizing the monthly billing date, introducing a fresh report for declined transactions, and offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at this year's Christmas video. Also, don't miss our holiday hours outlined below!

1. New standardized billing date and declined transactions report

Please take note that beginning January 2024, we will be debiting users’ accounts as early as the 5th day of every month. If the fifth day of the month coincides with a weekend or holiday, the withdrawal will occur on the following business day.

Why is the billing date changing?

We've revised our billing process to aid users in better cash flow planning. Previously, we delayed billing Rotessa user accounts to accommodate outstanding rejections and declines from the previous month. However, this variable billing date (with a deviation of a few days) posed challenges for cash flow planning. The due date on your invoice will still indicate the day we withdraw fees.

How will declines be handled now?

Declines will now be reported on the day they occur rather than the scheduled transaction day. Consequently, decline fees might not show up on your current month’s invoice but could appear in the following month if the decline date falls outside the billing month. This discrepancy could cause your transaction report and invoice to differ.

How to view and reconcile declines

We have created a declined transactions report that specifically allows you to see all declined transactions associated with your invoice. This report can be accessed from the “Settings” section for each monthly invoice. 

2. Behind-the-scenes

Each holiday season, Rotessa team members transform into the cast for our annual Christmas video. The behind-the-scenes pictures might give you a hint about this year's classic Christmas movie parody we're filming. Keep an eye out for the release date, coming later in December!

3. Reminder: Holiday Season Hours

We will not be processing payments and our support centre will be closed on the following dates during the holiday season:

Monday, December 25
Tuesday, December 26
Monday, January 1

Wishing you happy holidays from the Rotessa team!

We’d love to hear from you

If you have any comments or feedback about any of our updates or changes, please let us know at [email protected]. Your input helps us continue to make Rotessa better. Stay tuned for the next Rotessa Roundup for more exciting news and updates.

How to create a pre-authorized debit form in Canada

This article has been updated for new 2023 Rule H1 changes.

If you’re brand new to pre-authorized debit (PAD) processing, you might not be aware of how the authorization part works. No problem, we'll walk you through everything you need to know. Here's what you can expect in this article about PAD authorization forms (also known as PAD agreements):

  1. The mandatory requirements of a PAD authorization form
  2. The acceptable formats
  3. Notification requirements
  4. Three practical examples
  5. BONUS: Free tool to make your own PAD form

Rotessa Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement header image

Before we get into it, let's make sure we’re on the same page. Because pre-authorized debits are called many different names, it’s important to remember that PAD processing in Canada is the same as direct debit, automatic withdrawals and pre-authorized payments.

What are pre authorized debits? Similar terms include EFTs, Direct Debits, Automatic Withdrawals, Pre-Authorized Payments

A pre-authorized debit is a bank to bank transfer initiated by a payee (your business) when a payor (your customer) gives permission to do so.


If you’re new to pre-authorized debits and want to learn the basics, here’s a beginner's guide to help you through.

Okay, now that we have taken care of the basics of PAD, let’s dig into what an authorization form is and why it's an important part of the PAD process.

If you want to accept pre-authorized debits from your customers, you are legally required to receive authorization and document it. The entire point of a pre-authorized debit agreement is to make sure the payor (your customer) and the payee (your business) are on the same page. So when you withdraw money from their bank account, there are no surprises.

Payments Canada is the governing body that outlines and regulates the rules of pre-authorized debits in Canada. Rule H1 is a document that outlines every requirement. Because Rule H1 is a very long, technical guide, we’ve made a condensed list of requirements for pre-authorized debit authorization and the acceptable formats.

Mandatory requirements of a pre-authorized debit form

This is a what a PAD agreement form looks like, along with the required elements as outlined by Payments Canada:


Pe authorized debit form components. All the parts of an authorization request.



If you follow along with the number guides, here’s an explanation of the eight requirements of a PAD form.

Contact details - So the payor can get in touch with you.

PAD category - Is the payor a person or a business?

Timing - This outlines to the payor when the payments are to be taken out (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annual, on set dates or otherwise.) You also need to explain if each payment is to be triggered by a specified act, event or other criteria. If it’s to be triggered by a specific act, it needs to be clear on what that is.

Amount - So the payor knows how much is being taken from their account. If it’s an authorization for variable amounts, it needs to be clearly stated.

Authorization statement - A clear statement that outlines authorization to withdraw funds from a particular account.

Recourse statement - So the payor understands their rights to reimbursement for unauthorized debits.

Cancelation details - So the payor knows how to cancel the agreement.

Date of agreement & signature (if a physical paper form).

Payment Service Provider Statement - If you use a third party to process your payments (like Rotessa), you are required to notify your customers.

Acceptable pre-authorized debit agreement formats

In-person, pen & paper PAD forms

The most common type of authorization is a paper form, completed by the payor in person. The payor typically provides a void cheque (but not required) along with the completed agreement to provide their account details. This format is simple to process and verify. For paper agreements, it’s a good idea to keep them on file for at least one year from the final date of the agreement.

Online PAD forms

Another acceptable format is electronic, but there are some additional requirements to consider when you receive authorizations online.

Most importantly, you are responsible to verify the identity of the payor with an online form.

ID Verification

When you receive a PAD agreement from your customer, it is your responsibility to ensure you have commercially reasonable means to identify who they are. This primarily applies when you receive your authorizations online.

Here are three ways to verify the identity of your payor if you accept PADs online.

  1. Established Email Address
    If you already do business with a customer, you’ve likely communicated with that person via email. You can send an electronic PAD form directly to the payor's email address and confidently link the ID of the email to the payor. This would establish reasonable means of identifying the customer.
  2. Microdeposits
    When a payor completes an authorization online, many PAD processors provide a way for the payee to send a micro deposit (a couple of cents credit) into the payor’s bank account without telling the payor the amount of the deposit. When the payor identifies the correct amount of the deposit back to the payee, it can be determined that the payor is, in fact, the owner of the authorized bank account.
  3. Online Banking Verification
    The most recent trend is to verify ID through online banking credentials. In this method, a payor enters their online banking credentials through a third-party technology set up by the payee's PAD processor. Credentials are securely passed to the financial institution and account details are pulled, verifying the bank account.

Pre-authorized debit form notification requirements

Payments Canada is very specific about the lead time required for you to notify your customers when the payments are coming out (remember; the point of PAD authorization is to have no payment surprises).  Notification requirements depend on the type of agreement you have in place. Or, if specified, the payor and payee can mutually agree to waive or shorten the notification period.

For variable amounts

With variable amounts, you must give notice of the amount at least ten days notice before the payment is processed (unless both parties mutually agree to waive this period). You must also give notice if the payor asks you to change the amount.

For fixed amounts

You are required to give at least ten days' notice before the first recurring withdrawal, which outlines the amount and payment schedule. No further notifications are required, assuming the amounts are never larger than the agreed-upon amount.

If included in the PAD agreement, the payor and payee can mutually agree to waive or shorten the notification period.

Okay, we’re through the technical details! Let’s move on to some real PAD form examples.

Payor-defined pre-authorized debit form

Industry Examples: Non-profit organizations or churches for donations.

Key Difference: In a payor-defined PAD form, the payor outlines the specific amount and timing of the payments.

Pre authorized debit form example 1

Fixed Pre-authorized Debit Form

Industry Examples: Fitness centers, daycares, clubs and leagues for membership fees.

Key Difference: The payee outlines a specific fixed amount and timing schedule of the payments

Pre authorized debit form example 2

Variable Pre-authorized Debit Form

Industry Examples: Utility company for usage or accountant, law office or marketing agency.

Key Difference: The payor agrees to allow the payee to debit their account on the schedule agreed to or based on the events outlined in the agreement.

Pre authorized debit form example 3

Congrats! You now have all the tools and information to go out and build your own PAD Form!

There are no rules on how you must build a PAD form it or how it should look. As long as you have the necessary requirements, you can make it on your own. That being said...


We've built an online tool that makes it really easy to build your own pre-authorized debit forms. The PAD form generator lets you customize a PAD form with your logo, text and fields you want to include.

Create Your Own PAD Form

Rotessa Roundup | October 2023

We cover a lot in the October Rotessa Roundup! This month find out how to view your Rotessa invoices in your account, meet Rentch, a Calgary property management company, and watch Payment Horror Stories (even though Halloween is over!).

1. View your Rotessa invoices in your account

Your Rotessa invoices can now be viewed under the "Settings" page from the main navigation menu. Invoices from September 2023 onwards will be provided in PDF format and can be downloaded to view, save, and print. Monthly invoice emails will continue to be sent out to the invoice email on your account. Please note that invoices are only accessible to users with full access permissions. Invoices prior to September 2023 are available by request.

Rotessa Roundup October 2023

2. Meet Rentch

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Weinstein, founder of Rentch Real Estate and Property Management. Specializing in Calgary’s downtown, Aaron and his team empower independent landlords to professionally manage their properties. Using Rotessa saves them time tracking down rent payments. Learn more about their story below.

3. Payment Horror Stories

Halloween might be over, but these Payment Horror stories are relevant year-round. Watch the video and feel at ease that you chose Rotessa, a reliable payment solution, for your business! Thank you to everyone who submitted a story.

4. Reminder: We are offline on Monday, November 13

Our team will be offline on Monday, November 13 in lieu of Remembrance Day. We will not be processing payments and our support centre will be closed. We will resume processing and be available on Tuesday, November 14.

Rotessa Roundup October 2023

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Watch Payment Horror Stories

We are excited to share our first-ever Payment Horror Stories video. They are a great reminder of the importance of picking a reliable payment solution for your business - a provider like Rotessa!

Some of our fantastic team members narrate the stories. Storytelling is outside their regular Rotessa duties but they did great!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story.