We filled June with lots of excitement. Greg, our founder, celebrated his birthday and our team added the pièce de résistance to our integrations with QuickBooks Online and Xero. It’s all in the Rotessa Roundup!

1. App updates: Auto Sync invoices from QuickBooks Online and Xero

If you use QuickBooks Online or Xero as your accounting software, Rotessa is the perfect integration to simplify your receivables and get paid on time.

With our integration’s latest update, you can automatically import and update your customers’ invoices when you switch on Auto Sync. This allows Rotessa to detect the outstanding invoices from your cloud accounting software and withdraw funds from your customers’ bank accounts based on invoice due dates.

To learn more about Auto Sync for Xero and QuickBooks Online, check out our Help Documents.

2. Lior Zehtser: Don’t let your customers control your cashflow

Rotessa Roundup app update

You’ve heard it before: Cash is King. There should be little doubt as to why.

Business owners and accountants are trained to assess revenue, expenses, margins, profitability and a host of other metrics. These performance indicators are extremely important, but another – extremely important – metric, ‘cash on hand’ or ‘cash flow’, can sometimes be brushed aside.

While revenues and profitability are critical to operations, they don’t always tell the full story.

To learn more about creating a payment collection company culture, read the full blog from Lior Zehtser of Connect CPA.

3. Condo Control Central and Rotessa: a partnership

Calling all landlords and property managers! Condo Control Central, with the help of Rotessa, is the smartest way to manage your condominiums.

Our partnership with CCC benefits property managers and tenants as it simplifies getting paid by using pre-authorized debits (PADs).

CCC property managers pay a flat-rate transaction fee instead of the high percentage fees from credit cards.

Using Rotessa within CCC also automates the process. So then, rent just flows in, month after month, with no action required by either the property manager or tenant.

To collect fees with Rotessa, property managers can sign up for PADs within their CCC account. All of your property management tools – communication, tasks, requests, and payments – in one place: Condo Control Central.

Already use Rotessa but want more information on Condo Control Central? Visit their website or contact their sales team.

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